search this site only stanford medical sites ways to give find a person alumni lane library ways to give find a person cavernous malformation cavernous malformation (cm) (also known as cavernous angioma, cavernous hemangioma and cavernous vascular malformation) is a type of vascular malformation that occurs in the brain and/or spine. taking viagra20 These malformations are made up of fragile arteries and veins that tend to leak small amounts of blood and can cause large brain hemorrhages resulting in permanent neurological deficits if not  treated. Most people who have cm are born with them. viagra testimonials reviews There may be some genetic predisposition in some families for having this type of vascular malformation. Cavernous malformations can be asymptomatic. cheap viagra Symptoms stroke brain hemorrhage seizure headaches cavernous malformations can occur anywhere in the brain or spine. viagra tablets order online They are best diagnosed by mri scans. viagra sales in india   treatment options treatment for cavernous malformations has dramatically improved in the last decade.  new computer guided navigation developed at stanford allows neurosurgeons to reach even the deepest parts of the brain to removed these lesions with relatively low risk. viagra canada online   the physicians at stanford have treated several hundred patients with cavernous malformations with excellent long term outcomes. viagra testimonials reviews  they have developed a special expertise in treating deep-seated cavernous malformations, including those in the brainstem, thalamus and basal ganglia. You are here: current tab: 1 stanford medicine » stanford hospital & clinics » clinical services » centers of excellence » neurosciences » vascular malformations navigation for this section: vascular malformations overview make an appointment our team arteriovenous malformation cavernous malformation frequently asked questions additional links: hospital services for patients & visitors for health professionals for referring physicians myhealth id forgot myhealth id? viagra atau viagra Password forgot password? viagra testimonials reviews How do i sign up? Already have an access code? viagra coupon Click here to activate your account site navigation: clinical services overview clinic & service directory centers of excellence stanford cancer center cardiovascular health neurosciences orthopaedics surgical services transplantation medical services request an appointment find a physician quality overview awards & recognition what is quality? Detailed quality data department leadership health information overview stanford health library medical records newsroom news releases media coverage social m. order viagra online canada