Have been many studies that have shown that the antioxidants, vitamins a, c, e, zinc and selenium can retard the progression of this disorder. viagra online One of the treatments for wet armd uses laser surgery to cauterize the leaky blood vessels. viagra worldwide sales 2010 This measure may preserve more vision in the long run, but usually results in worse vision in the short run because healthy tissue is almost always destroyed along with the diseased vessels. where can i buy viagra locally without a prescription Laser treatments are only indicated for the wet type of degeneration and in fact only a small percentage of patients with the wet type will actually qualify for laser treatment. Homeopathic approach macular degeneration can be treated homeopathically just like any other disease state of the body. viagra headquarters office The constitutional approach works best, the goal being to find the remedy for the totality of the case. sale viagra online canada When the remedy is not clear or the patient is not willing to undergo constitutional treatment, a more lesional approach can be used. otc viagra walmart Rubrics for macular degeneration: inflammation – choroid eye – inflammation – chorio-retinitis eye – atrophy – choriod, atrophic spots eye – inflammation – retina – pigmented eye – inflammation – retina – punctata albescens eye – inflammation – retina – syphilitic eye – inflammation – retina vision – dim vision – foggy vision – loss of vision – vanishing of sight vision – loss of vision – colors, for vision – scotoma vision – scotoma – central constitutional approach miasms i first try to uncover the miasm stages in these cases to limit the remedies under consideration. The exudative type of degeneration represents the sycotic miasma. The dry or atrophic type of macular degeneration more commonly represents the syphilitic miasm. viagra without prescription Psoric stage – this is the earliest presentation with minimal pigmentary changes and a loss of the foveal light reflex. viagra worldwide sales 2010 The foveal light reflex is produced when healthy cones reflect the light, which enters the eye. As the cells become weakened with age and disease, they loose this ability to reflect light. Sycotic stage -there is a hyperproliferation of tissue in the macular area. comprar viagra bayer sin receta This can manifest as excessive pigment which has the appearance of dark pepper like specks in the macular area. viagra for sale Another presentation can be that of drusen. buy cheap viagra These drusen cause a weakening of the retina and can lead to death of the photoreceptive cells. This weakness can also cause tiny blood vessels to grow into the retina. viagra worldwide sales 2010 These vessels can leak fluid or bleed and cause a sudden loss of vision (wet macular degeneration). where can i buy viagra in melbourne Syphilitic stage – there is more destruction of tissue with atrophy and destruction of t.